WHAT’S BEEF Kyoto Higashiyama Shirakawa Store

Delivering feasts of excitement to our guests' tables.

For Kyotoites, meat means beef. Not pork, not chicken, but beef. As a result, their taste buds are particularly refined for judging beef. There's no fooling them. What's more, Kyoto is home to true connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine, who require dishes to bring ingredients to life. We all remember the first time we tasted a delicious cut of beef. With Matsusakagyu's world-class quality, you have the chance to experience the excitement of this first feast once more. The What's Group delivers feasts of excitement to our guests' tables.

A butcher shop that purchases whole heads of Matsusakagyu beef

After purchasing a whole head of Matsusakagyu, the meat is delivered to our butcher shop in Kyoto's Higashiyama Shirakawa area. Because we effectively use every part of the cow for our products, we are able to provide our customers with top-quality brand beef at an affordable price.

Our e-commerce site WHAT'S Online Store ships nationwide. Our varied lineup of gift sets and more are made possible by the whole heads of Matsusakagyu we purchase. As a shop specializing in Matsusakagyu, we offer a lineup of meat products such as premium 100% Matsusakagyu hamburger steaks and Matsusakagyu roast beef as well as a Matsusakagyu sampler set made from a selection of Matsusakagyu cuts.

Show your appreciation or treat those close to you with a gift of Matsusakagyu, one of the top brands of Wagyu beef.

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